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WeatherXM creates an entirely new weather data economy that rewards people who deploy and maintain weather stations.


Enter Weather 3.0

WeatherXM is a unique weather network that relies on the power of the community to deploy and maintain weather stations. By doing so, participants not only contribute to the network's growth but also get rewarded with the WXM token. The network is EVM compatible and is deployed on Arbitrum One.

WeatherXM has a vision to become the largest, most decentralised, and most distributed weather network in the world. You can stay updated on the current state of the network by checking out our explorer.

Some significant milestones we have achieved so far:

Reward Mechanism

Current Reward Mechanism v2.0 includes significant improvements over previous versions. Business Boost rewards have been added, with predefined criteria for fairness. A Merkle Tree structure has been implemented for transparent reward distribution. Users can withdraw their rewards whenever they choose to do so. The Merkle Tree structure facilitates a verifiable and transparent mechanism for users to validate reward distribution. These improvements aim to refine the Reward Mechanism, making it more inclusive, nuanced, and transparent to build trust among weather station owners participating in the network. More on Reward Mechanism.

Quality of Data (QoD)

Quality of Data (QoD) is an algorithm that assesses the quality of weather data provided by a weather station. The score it generates shows how confident we can be in the quality of the data received. Our goal is to make sure that the data we receive is meaningful and usable, and the QoD score helps us measure this metric. Ultimately, we want to encourage weather station owners to follow our guidelines so that they can consistently achieve the best possible QoD score.

To achieve this, QoD relies on a range of techniques and processes designed to help us differentiate between expected and unexpected data behaviors. More on Quality of Data.

WeatherXM Devices

Currently we use 4 main types of devices: