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WS1000 Box Contents


Included in the Box

  1. Wind speed sensor
  2. Weather station
  3. Wind vane
  4. Metal plate
  5. U-bolts (x2)
  6. Nuts (x4)
  7. Wrench
  8. Screwdriver
  9. Allen key
  10. M5 miner
  11. External LoRa Antenna
  12. Reset jumper (not included in very early models)
  13. GPS antenna
  14. Power supply cable (USB-C)

The reset jumper (#12 above) is used for recovery purposes and troubleshooting. Do not connect it to your M5 unless instructed by support or you know what you're doing. Using it without proper reason may result in loss of data which will affect your rewards.

Not Included

You would also need:

  1. Batteries 1.5V not rechargeable (x2 AA)
  2. Metal mounting pole (recommended 50mm/2in pole diameter & at least 2m/6.56ft height)
  3. Tools and parts to secure the pole
  4. USB power supply

If you use rechargeable batteries, you may harm your device

Main Parts

Outdoor Weather Station

The outdoor sensor is a set of sensors encased in a plastic shell that ensures the proper function of the weather station.

The outdoor sensor is responsible for:

  1. the collection of measurements of local temperature, humidity, rain, wind speed and wind direction, and
  2. the wireless transmission of the data to the weather miner.


  1. Wind Speed Sensor
  2. Wind Vane
  3. Thermo-hygro sensor
  4. Rain collector
  5. Bubble level
  6. Solar panel
  7. Antenna
  8. Light sensor
  9. U-Bolts
  10. Battery compartment
  11. Reset button
  12. LED Indicator: light on for 4s on powers up. Then the LED will flash once every 16 seconds (the sensor transmission update period).

This part of your weather station is placed outdoors. For further details about an advisable installation of the outdoor sensor, please see Installing the WXM-WS1000 Weather Station.

The following figures show a sketch of the outdoor sensor. The sketch comes with a description of all the important parts and sensors of it.

M5 Miner

The M5 Miner is the device responsible for receiving weather measurements from the outdoor sensor and transmitting them via WiFi to IPFS and the WeatherXM network. The M5 Miner is advised to be placed indoors, in an environment of relatively constant temperature (ideally within a daily range of <4°C/7°F for proper functioning of the barometer), near a window (for better GPS signal). The M5 Miner should be permanently connected to power and powered on in order to be able to receive, record and upload measurements to the Internet. The following graph shows the location of the buttons and the needed connections. Briefly, there is a power and a reset button, a port for the GPS antenna and a USB Type-C port for power supply.

Help & Support

You can find our team in our Discord Community Server.

Alternatively, you can always contact us through support for any questions or issues you may have.