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Connect and Claim Station

The weather station comes together with the WXM-M5 data miner. The WXM-M5 receives all the meteorological data, which are measured and transmitted every 16 seconds by the outdoor sensor and displays them on its screen.

In this chapter, you will find guidance to set up the WXM-M5.


  1. The station must be fully assembled (parts and batteries)
  2. A working smartphone with connection to the internet

Step by Step Instructions

Connect GPS antenna

Attach the GPS antenna to M5. you should hear a "click" when it's properly installed.

Connect M5 to power source and turn device on

The M5 must be connected to a power source at all times. It has a limited battery, but you should not rely on it and keep it away from its power source.

If M5 turns off, you will not receive WXM rewards, as you won't be able to share data with the Network. This will result in no WXM rewards!

Place M5 near a window (for better GPS signal)

For better GPS signal, it's highly recommended to place the M5 device near a window. Make sure that it has a good GPS coverage at all times.


This step could take some time till the device connects to GPS satellites.


If the GPS signal is lost, you could receive less WXM rewards (or none). This is because we won't be able to verify your location.

Change Frequency (Optional)

The M5's frequency must be set to match the frequency of your weather station so it can listen for the weather data it transmits. There are 2 frequencies available:

  • Model A: 868 frequency (default)
  • Model B: 915 frequency

If your weather station is 868 MHz, you don't need to change anything as it is configured to this value by default.

Steps to change the frequency

  1. Swipe left on the touch screen
  2. Click the Frequency options and select the new frequency your M5 will listen to
  3. A confirmation dialog will open. Read it carefully and click "Yes" or "No" accordingly

If you don't use the correct frequency as your station, M5 won't be able to communicate with your station, thus you will not share any data, and receive no WXM rewards!

Connect M5 to WiFi

By now, your M5 is set and ready for claiming! Swipe left to navigate to M5 settings screen. There, tap on "configure WiFi" to get M5 to switch to connect mode.

Once this is done, connect to M5 via WiFi (you should see in the networks screen a "WXMMinerM5").

A popup will open, asking you to select the desired network you'd like to connect the M5. Select the one you want, and provide the password for it.


Once the WiFi credentials have been successfully transferred to M5 Miner, the device will reboot, and the WiFi icon will turn green!

Download WXM app and login

Download our WXM apps from their respected app stores. Once you have your WXM app, login to your account. If you don't remember your credentials, you can always reset your password.

How to properly configure your M5's WiFi network step by step (Video)

Tap the "+" button

Start the Claiming Process

Once you've logged in to your WeatherXM app, you will see an empty device list (assuming this is your first station setup). At the bottom right corner, you will see a "+" button. Tap it to start the claiming process of your station. Once you've done this, you'll be able to view all data of this station, and get the WXM rewards!

Type the M5 serial number when prompted

Follow the steps shown in the image below to find your M5's Serial Number. You'll need to type this in the WXM app in order to verify that you own this station, and secure it for yourself.

Find your serial number

Confirm station installation Location & Claim your Device

Select the Location that you'll Install your Station

Allow access to you location so that the WXM app knows where you are planning to install your WeatherXM Station. Doing so, will make it easier to complete this step.

Alternatively, you can find the location manually using the map.

Once you've found the right location, tap on the checkbox to acknowledge the correctness of the installation location, and then tap on "Claim" button. That's it! You;ve now claimed your new WeatherXM Station, and you'll be able to see it's data on your WeatherXM apps!

All you need to do now, is to add your compatible wallet so you can receive WXM rewards. To do so, please follow the instructions in the chapter "Adding Wallets". Remember that as of today, the WXM token is on testnet!


We do not track you, nor do we collect any data about your location.


Make sure you define the location that you will install your station as precise as possible, as this will play it'a part on the quality of data you will share with the network, and thus your overall WXM rewards.