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WXM WS2000 Introduction

You're now the proud owner of a WeatherXM Station. Welcome to the People's Weather Network!

Next steps

You just got your station, or, you will soon! Let's see what are the necessary steps in order to properly assemble, install, claim and enable it to send data in order to receive WXM reward tokens.

Check the box contents

Make sure that everything is in order and you're all set to proceed with station assembly.

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Assemble your weather station

Assemble all parts and make sure all sensors work as expected. For this step, you will need 6 AA batteries that are not included in the box.

View Station Assembly Instructions

Connect and claim station

Once you've finished with installation, you can connect your station to the Helium network and claim it as your own in WeatherXM network. To do this, you will need to download our WeatherXM app (Android and iOS).

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Install your weather station

This is one of the most important steps, as proper installation is key in order to collect valid weather data. For this step, you will need a pole that is at least 2m/6.5ft and a way to secure it in place (both not included in the box). Here you will also see the best practices on how to properly install the station according to WMO.

View Station Installation Instructions

Add your ERC20 compatible wallet

In order to receive WXM rewards, you will need to connect a ERC20 compatible wallet. You can find instructions on how to add your testnet wallet and view your testnet tokens here:

View Wallet Addition Instructions