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WeatherXM Ηelium Box Contents


Included in the box

  1. WeatherXM Helium weather station
  2. External battery box
  3. Metal zip ties

Initial quantities included a short plastic pole accessory that was intended to be used with a wooden log to increase the total pole height to 2m. It was discovered that this accessory was not being utilised effectively, so it was removed from subsequent batches.

Not Included

You would also need:

  1. Batteries 1.5V not rechargeable (x6 AA)
  2. Metal mounting pole (recommended 60mm/2.36in pole diameter & at least 2m/6.56ft height)
  3. Tools and parts to secure the pole

If you use rechargeable batteries, you may harm your device

Weather Station

The weather station is a set of sensors encased in a plastic shell that ensures the proper function of the device.

The weather station is responsible for the collection of measurements of temperature, humidity, rain rate, wind speed, wind direction, atmospheric pressure and UV index.


  1. Rain gauge
  2. Balance indicator
  3. UV and light intensity sensor
  4. Wind vane
  5. Wind cups
  6. Antenna
  7. Solar panel
  8. Radiation shield, temp/humidity, barometric pressure sensor
  9. Drain holes
  10. Built-in battery box
  11. Red LED indicator
  12. Config button
  13. Mounting clamp
  14. Adjustable hinge of solar panel
  15. Tipping bucket
  16. Rain sensor

For further details about an advisable installation of the weather station, please see Installing the WeatherXM Helium station (WS2000) Weather Station.

Help & Support

You can find our team in our Discord Community Server.

Alternatively, you can always contact us through support for any questions or issues you may have.