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Connect and Claim Station

The weather station receives all meteorological data and presents it on the screen of your smartphone. In this chapter, you will find guidance to set up the WeatherXM Helium station.


  1. The station must be fully assembled (parts and batteries)
  2. A working smartphone with connection to the internet
  3. The WeatherXM Application installed on your smartphone.

Step by Step Instructions

Preparation of weather station

Τo check if the weather station is in operation, check the red LED at the bottom of the station, it should light up - continuously or briefly - as soon as you insert the batteries.

Download WeatherXM app and login

Download our WeatherXM apps from their respective app store. Once you have your WeatherXM app, login to your account (you have to create a new WeatherXM account).

Tap the "+" button

Start the Claiming Process

Once you've logged in to your WeatherXM app, you will see an empty device list (assuming this is your first station setup). At the bottom right corner, you will see a "+" button. Tap it to start the claiming process of your station. Once you've done this, you'll be able to view all data of this station.


Your first rewards will appear after 24 hours of the station being online.

Choose the device type


if you experience connection issues while claiming a helium device, make sure you are near the station.

Reset your weather station and select device to pair

Push the reset button at the bottom of your WeatherXM device to enable bluetooth pairing. This will expire in 5 minutes. After that, you will need to push it again to restart the pairing process. After that, push the "Pair station via bluetooth" button as seen in the picture below.

select device to pair

Confirm station installation location

Select the Location that you'll Install your Station

Allow access to your location so that the WeatherXM app knows where you are planning to install your WeatherXM station. Doing so will make it easier to complete this step.

Alternatively, you can find the location manually using the map.

Once you've found the right location, tap on the checkbox to acknowledge the correctness of the installation location and then tap on "Confirm and Proceed" button.


We do not track you, nor do we collect any data about your location.


Make sure you select the location that you will install your station as precisely as possible, as this will take part in the quality of the data you will share with the network and thus your overall WXM rewards.

Set weather station operation frequency

For the weather station to operate properly, you need to set its frequency to match the Helium network frequency in your country.

A list of the countries and their respective frequencies can be found here.

Given the location of installation you defined in the previous step, we’ve selected the appropriate frequency for that location.

Once you've found the right frequency, tap on the checkbox to acknowledge the correctness of the installation and then tap on "Set & Claim" button. That's it. You've now claimed your new WeatherXM station and you'll be able to see its data on your WeatherXM apps!

All you need to do now, is to update your weather station to the latest firmware version. To do so, please follow the instructions in the chapter "Update Firmware".


The frequency selected above is the correct one the country you’ve installed and will operate this station.


Usually, it takes up to 30 minutes for the station to appear on the explorer