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Maintenance of WeatherXM WS1001 Weather Station

The maintenance of the weather station is an important process, which should be conducted meticulously over the suggested period of time. This process includes the cleaning of certain parts of the outdoor unit and the replacement of batteries. The maintenance process is summarised in the following steps:

Instructions for opening the rain gauge

  1. Clean the rain gauge at least once every 3 months.
  2. Rotate the funnel counter-clockwise and lift to expose the rain gauge mechanism and clean with a damp cloth. Remove any dirt, debris and insects. If bug infestation is an issue, spray the array lightly with insecticide. It is important not to swing the rain gauge spoon during this process, as the weather station will measure and record faulty precipitation.
  3. Clean the solar panel at least every 3 months with a damp cloth.
  4. In order to avoid faulty measurements, you may turn off the WG1200 Gateway until finishing the entire process.
  5. Remove any dirt, debris and insects from the thermo-hygro sensor every 12 months. It may be needed to open the radiation shield using a screwdriver and fully clean the thermo-hygro sensor in case there is too much debris on it.


You should occasionally check the battery level of the weather station via the settings menu on the mobile app. If the battery level is low, you should replace the batteries. In harsh environments, inspect the batteries every 3 months (e.g. when cleaning the solar panel).