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Proof of Location (PoL)

The Proof-of-Location algorithm evaluates location data associated with the station, their accuracy, and consistency. It generates a score which is a confidence indicator about the station’s location. WeatherXM places great importance on station continuity, and discourage relocations.

Proof-of-Location (PoL):

PoL is a rational number in the range [0,1]. A station’s PoL must be greater than or equal to PoL_Threshold to be considered for inclusion in WeatherXM's Rewarding Mechanism.

  • PoL: is calculated based on the station’s location, and the station’s PoL history.
  • PoL: is a dynamic value, and is recalculated every time a station’s location is updated.


It is important for the Network that a station remains at the same location throughout its lifetime. When a weather station undergoes relocation, its Proof of Location score reduces to 0 for 7 days and its seniority is reset. After 7 days, the station’s PoL is recalculated, and if it is greater than or equal to PoL_Threshold, the station is considered for inclusion in the WeatherXM Network.


Proof of Location penalty imposed to devices that went through a relocation is currently reduced to 2 days. This is a temporary measure and will be reverted back to 7 days.


PoL is a rational number in the range [0,1]