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WXM-WS2000 Troubleshooting


if you experience connection issues while claiming a helium device, make sure you are near the station.

The updating process lasts forever

If the process hangs and does not proceed or if pairing fails, try a factory reset. To factory reset, hold down the middle button on the bottom of the weather station, count to ~10 and release. The LED will start flashing very quickly as an indication that the factory reset has succeeded and then the station will restart.

Asks to pair but fails

Restart your station. Pairing is only allowed in the first 5 minutes after the station is started. After 5 minutes the station refuses pairing. If the problem persists, do a factory reset and try again.


The Helium station is reset to factory settings by pressing and holding the reset button for ~5 seconds. When released, a pulsating red indicator should be displayed to the right of it. This indicates a successful reset to the factory settings of the helium station.

My station is not detected during scanning

Make sure the device has started. Press the reset button at the bottom of the weather station. The light at the bottom of the station will flash a few times. the light at the bottom of the station will flash a few times indicating that the restart was successful. If it continues to go undetected, try scanning again from a closer distance. The operating bluetooth range of the station is around 10m/32ft with few obstacles.

The process does not start or is stopped before it is completed

Close the application and start the process again. If the problem persists, press the reset button at the bottom of the weather station and try again. Finally, try doing a factory reset.

The app cannot connect to the station after successfully pairing

If the claiming process is repeated more than twice without completion, attempt to unpair your weather station and start over. If you encounter connection problems during the claiming, make sure that you are near to the weather station at all times. The solution to the above is to visit the Bluetooth settings of the mobile phone, find the station in the paired devices and "forget the device". This flow is different on Android and iOS.

How to forget/unpair your device