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Help Center / FAQ


Remember that you always contact us through support for any questions or issues you may have.


Is there a chance for my host/friend to be able to have access at my station's data?

Yes! It was a common feature request so we have implemented it. You can share your station's data with your friends by using the share button on the station's page on the explorer. Also, you can "favorite" any station you like by clicking on the heart shaped button while using our mobile App. The station will appear in your station list.

How do you know people are not faking the location of their station on the map?

In addition to the cryptographic proofs from all station data sent to the WeatherXM Network, we have designed and implemented a unique Proof of Location algorithm to safeguard the accuracy of the weather station location. Read more at the PoL section of the documentation.


Can I connect my WXM station with a 3rd party station?

Our weather stations are custom built, they are developed to connect to our network with our firmware and software implementations. The SDR receiver is no longer on our roadmap.

What are the differences between the WXM WiFi M5 station and the WXM Helium compatible station?

  1. The Helium station has an integrated (located within the weather station) Helium-compatible LoRaWAN chip, crypto chip, and GPS while the Wi-Fi bundle has a Wi-Fi gateway, crypto chip, and GPS located within the external M5 gateway.
  2. Helium station can only connect to the Helium Network while the Wi-Fi bundle can only connect to Wi-Fi.
  3. The Helium station has a larger solar panel which allows it to do processing standalone (in the station itself) while the Wi-Fi bundle's station has a smaller solar panel since the processing is done by the external M5 display and Wi-Fi gateway (located indoors) which the station communicates to over LoRa.
  4. The Helium bundle does not contain any type of display to view weather data. Weather data will have to be viewed from the WeatherXM app.

Can I connect my Helium compatible station to any Helium around or should I request access from someone?

You can connect your Helium compatible station anywhere with Helium network coverage or near a Helium gateway. The gateway that will handle your packet is usually the fastest to respond but this is influenced by numerous factors. This means that the closest Helium gateway will not necessarily be the one that will pick up your packet, nor your can choose or influence this.

Will it make a big difference if I place my station on the balcony instead of the roof?

It is mandatory that you place your station on the roof and the reason is because there aren't so many obstacles as there are on a balcony (e.g walls), that will reduce the quality of your data, therefore the amount of your rewards. You can also check the deployment examples for inspiration.

Is any of your stations suitable for very cold climates?

For very cold climates that have snow most of the year, we will be launching soon a special weather station with a heater suitable for these weather conditions.

We approximately follow the frequency assignments of TTN per country.


How can I start receiving rewards?

If you have already set up your station and claimed your device via the app, please add Metamask and follow the instructions here and then follow this guide to claim your rewards.

When will mainnet launch?

The WXM token will be live in mid to end of February 2024!!

Will testnet tokens be converted to real tokens after token launch?

Testnet tokens don't have any value and are used for testing purposes. Upon Token Launch a "beta rewards program" will begin where you will be able to earn some extra tokens for your contributions to the network. You can read more details in our blog post here.

Do I have to pay for the HNT/DC fees?

We are covering the HNT/DC fees.

Can I change my wallet address in the future?

For now we support only MetaMask as it has a very good testnet support and our dev team prefer it. When we move on Mainnet you will be able to use your preferable wallet.

How many stations are allowed in a Hex?

Such details will be defined in our whitepaper.


Can I receive my invoice before my order ships?

You will receive your invoice and receipt when your order ships. If you need an invoice earlier you can contact us through support.

Do I have to pay custom fees?

We do the custom clearance for EU,USA,CA and UK so you won't have to pay any custom fees.

When will my order ship?

We are improving our logistic methods and you will receive your order in 1-2 weeks.

Can I change my shipping address?

As long as your order hasn't shipped you can contact us through support and we will change it for you.

Can I request a refund?

You can request a refund by sending us a message through support and we will refund you according to our refund policy.

Can I cancel my order if it has already been shipped?

You can not cancel it if it has already been shipped but you can deny the delivery when it reaches to your door and we will refund you according to our refund policy.

Where do you ship the devices from?

We ship from China and then the devices are distributed to our warehouses in US/CA/UK/EU.

How can I purchase more than 2 weather stations?

You can complete our bulk sales form and we will contact you as soon as possible.

How much time does it take for the refund to reflect to my bank account?

Note that refunds take 3-15 working days to reflect on your bank account. If it hasn't been reflected in your bank account after 15 days you should contact us by sending a message through support


Remember that you always contact us through support for any questions or issues you may have.